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Latest Girls Beauty Tip For 20s






Your Skin

In the end of this age bracket, first wisdom lines appear where the skin is thinnest around your mouth and eyes. An over night eye cream helps to prevent lines from deepening. Also protecting your skin from sun becomes a crucial matter. “Scrubbing your face” twice a week and Body Shop’s masks ensure fresh looking skin.

Your Hair

You can toss and turn them any way you want and still scream “glam”. Streaking them with golds, reds and blues are a must. Make sure you keep them adequately cleansed and moisturised for maximum volume and bounce. Keep them freely flowing around you in daytime and grace evening with big curls.

Your Make-up

Don’t make your skin look aged with cake or matt foundation. Instead go for bronzer or tints to boost the glow and sexy mascara to exaggerate those long lashes. Avoid lip colours that are too loud unless you want to look like a punk star!

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