If you’re working with a daily calorie intake of somewhere in the neighborho o d of 1 ,400 to 1,600 calories, then yes, every calorie does count. The following little tricks may not seem like they have a huge effect, but when you add up these changes over a period of time, they’ll translate into a leaner and stronger body.

Blot: Use a paper napkin to blot a teaspoon of fat off a pizza slice. At a slice a week, that’s more than a whole cup of Fat you won’t eat—or wear—this year.

Get more milk: Consuming 1,800 milligrams of calcium a day could block the absorption of about 80 calories. Fill your coffee mug with skim or I percent milk, drink it down to the level you want in your coffee, then pour in your caffeine fix.

Buy cut veggies: They cost more, but they’ll !ray thvidemls later—because you’re more likely to snack on them than on some other, less healthy food.

Dilute juice: Add water to your fruit juice to reduce calories.

Think about eating: Eat without anything else—no TV, no reading, no working.

Make your drinks count: Have a V8 tomato juice instead of a Diet Coke.

Stop mindless snacking: Chew a sitting- flavored gum like cinnamon while mti re cooking. Sneaking a taste of the food %%ill be less appealing.

Get watered down: A recent German study %lamed that drinking water burns calories. Drinking about two cups of cold miter—no warmer dian 72 degrees—used up mughly 25 calories. Drink a liter a day and you’re talking five pounds a year.

Have a power snack prepared: Mix three different kinds of beans and sprinkle in some low-cal Italian dressing. Have it as a snack all week.

Go smaller: Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. Studies show that putting your portions on smaller dishes means you’ll end up eating less at a meal.


Tighten your belt: when you feel a craving and a temptation to gorge, tighten your belt notch — as a reminder for the size you’d like to be.


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