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How To Apply Mascara Like A Professional

How To Apply Mascara Like A Professional: Are you curious to know the secret of professional makeup eyes? Dozens of women mascara, no makeup, easily. Most of them do not even know the trouble mascara. However, mascara is a necessary step for a beautiful eye makeup. Countless women are not aware of the truth that are long and thick eyelashes, the precursor of the attractive eyes. , To make eyes, mascara but plays an essential role. Here we are, give how to apply mascara like a pro. The mascara is not an easy thing. He needs care and concentration with dexterity

The first thing that you should be aware that the transition mascara wand can in the tube back and forth in the air what to move dry mascara. Shun do. Twisting the stick is inserted into the tube. Move it in a circular motion to get the desired amount of mascara for the eyelashes. To your eyelashes longer an additional step of applying eyelash curler for 10 seconds before using the mascara.

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Apply Mascara Like

Under the baton from tube, remove excess paste on mascara by them. In a circular motion This will prevent unwanted mascara on the lashes the. With this key, you must apply the mascara now. One side is a mascara stick holder and another to have a mascara applicator brush. This thick brush completely covers your lashes on the outside and between the individual eyelashes. This applicator below the upper lashes. Brush with eyelashes. When sweeping eye lovingly with the movement of the stick. This case perfectly all lashes. For a thicker look, repeat this step twice. Do not too much glue eyelashes not together. It can ruin your eye makeup.

Next turn lower lashes. Mascara on the lower lashes is a bit difficult to apply to the upper lashes. Lower lashes are very close to the cheek area of ??the face. In order to avoid contact of mascara on your cheeks, you can take the help of a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth. If you have thick tissue paper, you can use it too. Place a piece of paper thick silk, a simple paper or a piece of tissue under the lower lashes. Now sweep the stick mascara brush on the lashes. This time you have to apply it to an end. Remember! Never use the amount of mascara that you left with after it. Onto the upper lashes It can be dried. Is still looking, dip the stick in the tube and the same amount of mascara, as they made ??to the upper lashes. Mascara they stick is not in a way that destroys the form of cilia. Remember to move slowly. For a professional look, you start the mascara waterline of the eyes and then apply it on the black eyeliner. This will look much more alive and as the last your eyes.

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