Bad Habits Cause Breast Unsound

Every woman wants to have a healthy and beautiful breasts. But at the same time each woman was sometimes do things that can damage the health of the breasts. What are the bad habits that make breast unhealthy?
Bad habits not only contribute to breast health, but also makes beautiful look not for life.

Breasts can be affected by pregnancy, lactation, menopause and aging. But you can reduce the negative influence by simple actions.
As reported by the GeniusBeauty after the bad habits that cause breast and the enemy is not healthy:

1. Body weight fluctuate drastically
Weight gain is the result of excessive stretching of the skin. If the weight gain and sudden drop will make the skin smooth and taut. Fluctuations in weight can make the breast is not healthy to lose the ideal form.
2. Sitting bad habits
Women should consider how to seat, because of bad postural habits or way of sitting that one causes the breasts to sag. Consequently, always seated properly, because not only beneficial for the spine, but also to breast health.
3. Wrong size bra
When selecting the larger size bra notice. Wrong size bra can make the breast is not healthy. A bra that is too tight can damage the blood circulation which can lead to breast cancer. Meanwhile, a loose bra can lead to stretch the skin, especially for women with large breasts. So choose the right size.
4. Bath soak in hot water
Please note that hot water can make the skin dry and inelastic. So you should avoid soaking in hot water for long periods.
5. Ultraviolet Rays

Many people who enjoy lounging on the beach with a bathing suit to get brownish skin. But it turns out it can be harmful to breast health. In addition to burns, the sun also causes the breasts to lose elasticity and increase the risk of breast cancer.