OMG! Bajirao Mastani’s Set Was HAUNTED Ranveer Singh Saw Bajirao’s Real Ghost!

OMG! Bajirao Mastani’s Set Was HAUNTED Ranveer Singh Saw Bajirao’s Real Ghost! Bowled over? So are we. But this revelation become made through none apart from the actor Ranveer Singh himself. Ranveer who could be next visible in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s duration movie Bajirao Mastani claims that he had a spirit stumble upon with the actual Bajirao.

Bajirao Mastani’s Set

The actor was quoted announcing “It become a totally trippy experience and that i completely freaked out. I recollect it as one of the maximum difficult days of the shoot. I thought I felt some sort of presence and something instructed me it is him. I began to suppose what if I stumble upon his ghost and connect to his spirit and all. I don’t know what made me consider it. But it was the subsequent week that I felt it genuinely show up.

OMG! Bajirao Mastani's Set Was HAUNTED Ranveer Singh Saw Bajirao's Real Ghost!

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He brought “I had a difficult task in advance of me on that day of shoot and i used to be praying hard to get it proper. There was a black wall on the units on which a few white dirt had settled and shaped the pattern within the shape of Bajirao’s figure. It had the turban the eyes nose the mooch and the palms. The resemblance became for all to peer. Yes it is able to properly be my thoughts gambling hints but I had a sturdy instinctive feeling. I am no longer a person who believes in ghosts. However I do have my moments of superstition.

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Properly if you say so Ranveer! On the opposite facet something Ranveer is announcing can be a actual revel in or just a gimmick to sell his upcoming film Bajirao Mastani. Directed by means of Sanjay Leela Bhansali the movie is slated to be launched on December 18 2015. Meanwhile test out the stay photographs of Ranveer Singh promoting Bajirao Mastani in Nagpur!