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Beauty Lie in the Eyes

The eyes are expressive and exotic, and our lack of attention can make them fat by applying some makeup.

Bright and lively eyes makeup adds color to your appearance. Especially when it comes to your eyelashes to be long, shaggy, look me in the eyelashes. Beyond looking good, eyes rolled up and long eyelashes considered a sign of beauty for women.

We all like to have the mascara for grooming our lashes, but we hate most bouquet ruin our eye makeup. One of the biggest trends in beauty, the eye is long and upturned eyelashes with eye makeup lure. Mascara, if properly applied, can make changes in your groovy eyelashes.

Here are some eye makeup to help you get perfect eye lashes using mascara.

Just use the primer to extend definition and separate the lashes and then apply the finish coat highlighting add depth of color.

. Curl lashes and apply a coat the color of pure black base.

. Curl lashes again after the mascara has dried, apply a base coat seconds.

. Then brush through highlighting mascara eyelashes Advice for planting a color.

. Apply mascara from the base and make sure you apply more on the basis that compare to the tip.

By following these eyes are tips you can easily get rolled eyes and long eyelashes.

If you want to have long eye lashes and rolled forever, you will have at heart the health of your eyes. Sleep a night of God is one of the most important things you can just do for your fresh eyes. Eating healthy can also improve overall health of your eyes.

Do not sleep with mascara on your lashes. Always use an eye makeup remover before going to sleep for a long eye lashes and rolled each time. A few simple tricks is to use a thin layer of olive oil or castor oil falls asleep before the eye lashes long and upturned. Use a clean mascara brush to apply oil and also take diet rich in vitamin A and B, including olive oil and seafood to the health of your eyes.

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