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Beauty Tip For 30s



Your Skin

You have partied hard and worked over time for 6 weeks straight. Time to exhibit it. The age lines become more prominent and permanent in this decade. Skin loses its energy and becomes dull, lined and dry. Facials from skin expert and Body Shop’s herbal mask help to revitalise that level of energy. Avoid bleaches for they burn your skin and are more harmful than beneficial.

Your Hair

Taking too much stress will show in the thinning of your hair. Major hormonal changes like pregnancy will affect your hair substantially. Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to see you through the changes. Clips and ponytail bands come in handy when you need to glam up quickly.

Your Make-up

Your eyes with a sweep of mascara and a shiny lip-gloss. The combination is not only hassle-free but also urbane and polished.

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