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Beauty Tip for 40s



Your Skin

Your skin becomes thicker, coarser and less dewy-looking. Wrinkles seem deeply rooted. And before you have a hanging jaw line, start the anti ageing regime. Hunt for retinol-based creams that firm by boosting collagen and gentle peels to quicken cell turnover and freshen dull skin.

Your Hair

Covering up grey hair is an issue now. But don’t go for stark black if you had black hair in youth. Go for a tint a shade lighter than your natural colour to avoid the artificial look. They will also cover up the dullness by adding some shine and volume.

Your Make-up

Now you can play with the cosmetics as much as you. You can enhance what you like and conceal what you dislike. Use foundations and dewy base for a warm glow and finish it up with glossy lipstick and blush.

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