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It’s never too late to relish in your beauty. your own natural splendour. Voyage with us through the stretch of miraculous femininity.


Your Skin

Young skin is plump, firm and strong. At an all-time high of 28 days, super-efficient call turnover means an effortlessly fresh bloom. A pity, then, that hormonal surges often mean spots, so salicylic-based cleansers and oil-blotters are crucial. At this age, investment in a good oil-free sunscreen will ensure wrinkle-free future. Using a lot of products can wait for a while.

Your Hair

In this you can literally carry anything off. Even creative mistakes! But strangling your hair with dyes and mousse shouldn’t be considered an option. Using shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type and a chic hair cut does the trick. If you are really bent upon colouring up your hair for this major event, opt for L’Oreal’s artificial streaks. They will shade up your hair without damaging them.

Your Make-up

With acne and pimples always around the corner, a concealer is a must. Keep it simple and let the natural beauty speak for itself. Mascara, lip-gloss, glitter pencil and groovy eyeshades are all that your make-up kit should contain.

beauty tip

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