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Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women

Usually a woman not gives attention to breakfast daily. Sometime a woman takes only a cup of tea in her breakfast. But when a woman become pregnant she should not ignore her breakfast. Pregnant woman must take 300 calories daily in her Breakfast. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women must be nutrients. So take good breakfast for a good morning. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women 3

If a pregnant woman start a morning with good breakfast then its whole day would pass happy and healthy. every country have their customs and traditions and way of life therefore their food also according to their country seasons and customs. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women 1

I am going to give you that chart which is good and suitable almost all the world Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women.

There are seven days in a week therefore I give you seven day chart below Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women 2


At least one meal with one glass of milk and one half fry egg


Porridge made with milk flavoured with a taste of cinnamon and a tbsp apple crushes

1 Glass of apple juice. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women 4


Bajra methi Khakhras with butter with one glass of milk or fresh juice( Asian women like it much)

It provide more carbohydrates for your breakfast. It make pregnant women active .


Greek yoghurt and ginger with slice fresh fruit (mango, peach or nectarine).


One Bread of Whole wheat flour with ginger garlic past . and one Glass of milk. Breakfast Recipes For Pregnant Women 5


cellulose chip with semi-skimmed milk and sliced banana

1 Glass of cranberry juice.


4 slice of Bread with honey with one Glass of mango milkshak.


Porridge made with milk flavored with a tbsp of tinned berries in fruit juice

OR  One glass of Green or herbal tea.


Cabbage Paratha ( Asian Women also like it very much) with green tea.

Cabbage Paratha have antioxidant multifaceted which fight against the free radicals of pregnant women.


Wholegrain toast spread with peanut butter or

Yoghurt drink.


Wheat bread with butter and honey and one Glass of Strawberry shake or any seasonally fruit shak.


Greek yoghurt and ginger mixed with tbsp cutting dry fruit (apricots, figs or dates) and tbsp muesli

or Glass of orange juice.


Fig and Apricot Shake  slice of bread past with egg. Or honey banana shake.


tousled eggs on toasted bagel

or Yoghurt drink.

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