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Latest Nail Trends 2012


  Latest Nail Trends 2012: It gives you a straight view on what is and what is inn recent trends in nails. Surprisingly, it’s spring but the bright colors are the colors of the track, and neutral beige are hostel that looks extremely elegant. Latest Nail Trends Ladies, spring is here and your wardrobe should be full of colorful floral ... Read More »

Easy Nail Care Tips


  Easy Nail Care Tips: Taking care of our nails seems one of the hardest things to do in our hectic lives. Here are some simple and useful nail care that will give you solid, nails shiny and sexy. After all, we love to follow recent trends in nails, but our nails need to be strong in the first. Nail ... Read More »

Basic Natural Nails Care Tips

  Basic Natural Nails Care Tips: Nails are one of the many blessings God has bestowed upon us to enhance our beauty. Therefore, natural nail care is very important that we must cherish the beauty that God has given us. Here are some basic natural nail care to keep nails healthy and good. Natural Nails Care Tips Natural nail care ... Read More »

How to Stop Biting Your Nails


  How to Stop Biting Your Nails: Certainly, it is difficult to get rid of the habit of nail biting as it is an unconscious act. Different people have different reasons for nail biting, but seriously, nail biting is not possible to treat a problem or deal with stress and boredom. Nail biting not only makes your hands unattractive, but ... Read More »

Nail Salon at your Home


Nail Salon at your Home: You do not have to go to a salon for pampering your nails during the implementation, one at your home is easy. Follow the tips for beautiful nails. The nails are of paramount importance when it comes to beautifying your hands. Nails healthy and beautiful can certainly contribute to the overall image of your personality. ... Read More »

The Last Detail to the Bridal Beauty Plan- The Nails


  The Last Detail to the Bridal Beauty Plan- The Nails: Fingernails and toenails are a very important part of increasing your beauty. But sometimes arrange everything, your nails may get over looked. So bride should take the time to take care of their nails and pampering they deserve love and care. ┬áBridal Beauty Plan The wedding day wedding hands ... Read More »

Fashion for Passion in Nail Styles for Super Summers


  Fashion for Passion in Nail Styles for Super Summers: Well maintained and beautiful hands and feet with nails well trimmed and finished to give an extra edge to your personality. Therefore, we selected the hottest styles of nails and Nail Art Designs for you to give you that complete and perfect summer look for 2011. Flower Power! Floral designs ... Read More »

Nail Colour Fashion Trends Are Bold


Nail Colour Fashion Trends Are Bold: Fashion nails most exotic color took during this era of fashion trends in nail color. Before that time the fashion nail color, brides use for nails painted red French manicure or simply that defines the appearance of elegance, simplicity and clean. For all wedding meant manicure nails neat and clean and simple red. Nails ... Read More »

Fake nails for your wedding


  Fake nails for your wedding: When the hearing of false nails, considering the long nails and clean, with a little gel application. Many of you will be surprised to know that fake nails come in different sizes ranging from short to medium and long term. In addition, there are four different types of artificial nails that you can choose ... Read More »

Go Bold Just with Your Nail Color


  Go Bold Just with Your Nail Color: You can not imagine what impression you can add to your personality by simply adding a bold accessory! Wear nail polish fat and see how it goes with your wardrobe as a whole. Hands and feet are among the first that are found in a woman when she goes out of his ... Read More »