Pamper Your Eyes well this Summer


Pamper Your Eyes well this Summer: All weather throughout the year are good and bad effects on our body. You have to be smart enough to make good and avoiding evil. The eyes are considered the most sensitive and attractive body. Have some tips for eye care eye care in summer. Summer sun, the warm wind and dusty weather is ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles


How to Get Rid of Dark Circles: The precious gift of God “eyes” can damage the rings. Dark circles not only damage the beauty of your eyes, but also to look your best. Eyes told a precious gift from God. You can see the colors and images of the world through her eyes. The eyes are also the most prominent ... Read More »

Kajal Tips for Healthy Eyes


Kajal Tips for Healthy Eyes: Women use many pencils, kajal and etc. to beautify their eyes. Even in this modern era, kajal was prepared in the traditional way, because it not only beautifies your eyes, but also said to be a remedy for eye health. In order to have healthy eyes you need to understand the importance of kajal which ... Read More »

Gentle Eyes Makeup Removal Tips


Gentle Eyes Makeup Removal Tips: Smart eye makeup techniques by simple methods. We make every effort to be nice by putting stylish outfits and applying cosmetics, makeup and luscious incredible eyes, however, when we return from parties that we do not have enough energy to allow time for makeup removal . When it comes to remove makeup, the more difficult ... Read More »

Protect your Contact Lens from Summer


Protect your Contact Lens from Summer: Wearing glasses has been a big mess! Especially when you’re outside and sweat running down your forehead while you’re busy wiping your nose and glasses with a handkerchief same! Yawk! I hate wearing glasses in the summer and I’m sure most of you do the same. However, wearing contact lens summer is not an ... Read More »

The Dark Circles- Their Causes and Home Remedies


The Dark Circles- Their Causes and Home Remedies: Dark circles under eyes are killers of beauty. A dark circle under eyes gives your personality a look depressed and private patients. If you are faced with these dirty dark shades under your eyes every time you look in the mirror then read on to learn how to make them! Dark circles ... Read More »

Lavish your Eyebrows by Stenciling


Lavish your Eyebrows by Stenciling: Eyebrows are shaped, like a blessing that only few people are born with and for others, achieving a perfect, natural looking eyebrows is a challenge. Accentuate the eyebrows means a lot to our facial beauty which optionally adds personality and character to your prospects beauty. Perform beautifully shaped eyebrows with the guidelines below:    Idealize ... Read More »

Eyelashes Care Tips


Eyelashes Care Tips: The eyes are one of the most precious gifts of God. To enhance the beauty of this precious gift, God made the eyelashes. Which is probably something else very valuable because it is not only to protect our eyes, but also make them more beautiful and impressive. The eyes are one of the most precious gifts of ... Read More »

How To Know What Make Up Colors To Wear For Blue Eyes


How To Know What Make Up Colors To Wear For Blue Eyes: When it comes to makeup, some things you should keep in mind are the latest trends in makeup and shape and color of your eyes. The blue eyes are so alluring and captivating, but only if you know how to develop them with the eye makeup, you can ... Read More »

Choose the right Glasses Design for your Face Type

Choose the right Glasses Design for your Face Type: Fashion accessories are never enough and especially when it comes to your face, I say no compromise should be made. The eye glasses that you choose should compliment your face and you keep it for a longer time, the right designer glasses seems most appropriate. The shape of eyeglasses of the ... Read More »