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Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding traditions and customs very greatly between cultures.

Muslim Weddings-Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Dating in Islam is not encouraged and prospective couples are formed through arranged meeting organized by elders. In Islam, a marriage is a contract and is completed just through the Nikah. The other celebrations are not compulsory.   PRE WEDDING ... Read More »

PUNJABI Weddings-Wedding ceremony And Wedding Custom

PUNJABI Punjabi’s are known for their zest for life and their wedding celebrations reflect this with vivid colour. bhangra dancing and laughter, which is very much a part of their celebrations. Offerings of money are richly featured in Punjabi weddings ... Read More »

Wedding Ceremonies-SIKH Marriage Ceremony

  In a Sikh marriage, the two individuals are joined in an equal partnership. Anand Karaj literally means the union of two souls. Marriage follows the Reht Maryada, which is the official Sikh code of conduct specifying that no thought ... Read More »

Opening Ceremony-BUDDHIST Weddings

In Buddhism, marriage is purely a secular affair. Marriage is considered a personal concern and there are no religious directions on whether or not a person should marry or remain unwed. There is also no formal wedding service. This does ... Read More »

Going Back To Your Roots-GUJARATI Weddings

GUJARATI An Asian bride exclusive of various wedding rituals and customs that will help you through ceremonies Sans confusion… The Gujarati are very lively people and celebrate their festivities and other special occasions with extravagance and a great spirit. PRE ... Read More »

BENGALI Weddings-Wedding ceremony

BENGALI The Bengali wedding ceremony combines variations of a Hindu wedding and are a mixture of custom, tradition and religious beliefs. The Bengali weddings in the past were spread over seven days but with the passing of time the new ... Read More »