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We provide information, tools and calculators and health issues. Women’s health refers to health issues specific to human female anatomy. It’s good to be you! Feel better and look younger with the best workout routines, easy eating plans, printable guides and more.


2.    The thinner you are, the higher your risk for developing osteoporosis: TRUE “Being underweight or having below-normal body fat has been associated with low bone mass and an increased risk of hip fracture,” says Felicia Cosman, M.D., clinical director ... Read More »


Can you get addicted to nasal spray? Will breast-feeding prevent cancer? Does sugar make PMS worse? What is fact and what is fiction.., time to unveil the secrets! Don’t let a rumour jeopardise your health. Go beyond the myths to ... Read More »

Conjunctivitis the pink eye

The pre-monsoon rains (that we so enjoyed) and the warm weather have left their legacy behind — conjunctivitis! Read on to know all the details about this condition… Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of ... Read More »

A-H-A Alpha Hydroxy Treatments

AHA consists of three separate stages: moisturizing, vitalizing and renovating. It is an excellent choice for our Asian skin. It controls the productions of sebum and minimizes the size of the pores on a very oily acne prone skin. [Total ... Read More »

Botolift Treatments

This treatment is an alternate to botox injections. No needles used, no chemicals injected. Excellent for plumping up deep wrinkles and fading away fine lines. Pure botillium strips used on all deep wrinkles to penetrate the deeper levels of the ... Read More »

Top Facial Treatments

A-D-N Hydralgina This treatment is a very intense one as it is highly concentrated in hydrating and regenerating elements. This treatment gives an intensive hydration and contributes to slowing down the skin ageing process. [ Total treatment time : 1 ... Read More »

Facial Treatments

your skin! Vitamin C Double Peeling Fatigue stress or the passing of years can contribute to loss of radiance, loss of skin elasticity, brown spots (age spots). This treatment contains fruit acids and all natural ingredients, and is highly recommended ... Read More »