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We provide information, tools and calculators and health issues. Women’s health refers to health issues specific to human female anatomy. It’s good to be you! Feel better and look younger with the best workout routines, easy eating plans, printable guides and more.

Smart snacks to keep you on track

Delicious And Nutritious Snacks Smart snacks to keep you on track: Smart snacking is not just on controlling calories – you need foods that satisfy your hunger, keep you full and provide high quality nutrients. This may seem a daunting ... Read More »

New Years snack resolutions

Resolve To Solve Unhealthy Snacking New Year’s snack resolutions: There is no better time than New Year to start a healthy diet. Do not just focus on feeding time, if – snacking is a huge part of American life, so ... Read More »

Smart ways to snack

Smart ways to snack: You know the phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid?” This phrase is the key to smart snacking. By choosing foods simple, but pleasant with quality ingredients, you will feel like a genius every time you stop for ... Read More »

6 Healthy eating myths – debunked

6 Healthy eating myths – debunked: Diet myths abound. There are so many rules about what to eat and what not to eat what it can be difficult to know what is true and what is not. With the holidays ... Read More »

Anti-inflammatory diet-Foods to reduce inflammation and restore health

Anti-inflammatory diet: Foods to reduce inflammation and restore health: Do you know the foods you eat each day can cause chronic inflammation in the body and put you at risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis? Author diet book ... Read More »

Top 10 healthy and budget friendly foods

Eat healthy on a budget Top 10 healthy — and budget-friendly — foods: Meal planning can be frustrating, especially if you’re pressed for time. Add to that being on a strict budget (as many of us are, thanks to holiday ... Read More »

ow to have a slimmed-down Super Bowl

ow to have a slimmed-down Super Bowl: Le Super Bowl est autour du coin, ce qui signifie beaucoup de friandises alléchantes et riches en calories des repas prêts à faire dérailler vos récentes résolutions de manger plus sainement ou perdre ... Read More »

Ask a trainer-The final word on post-exercise meals

The best post-workout diet tips Ask a trainer: The final word on post-exercise meals: After these races exhausting workouts start or 10-mile camp, your muscles are exhausted and in need of nutrition. But how long after your sweat should you ... Read More »