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Choosing A Makeup That Matches Your Skin Tone And Eye Color

Choosing A Makeup That Matches Your Skin Tone And Eye Color: There are new trends in make-up every other month. It seems that if you set yourself to the existing colors in makeup, trend is changing and you need to try a different color combination for yourself. But you never know if the other combination of make-up you should try or not. I prefer a color that matches my skin color and looks good on me rather than choosing a color for makeup, fashion, but makes me look like a clown to wear. So when it comes to choosing a makeup that suits your skin tone and eye color always try to test it on your skin before you actually buy and wear it to a party or something.

Skin Tone And Eye Color

I have below some tips that are useful when it corresponds to choosing a makeup, your skin tone and eyes color.You must begin by examining the skin and see what comes included is your skin. You must wear a white T-shirt and standing in front of a mirror to make sure that you stay with the incandescent light, because it is the color that will help you think the color is actually the skin. Look at your skin and then decide if your skin is better to go with red or yellowish tones and it is good for cool colors like blue, pink, etc complexion is the color of skin, instead of c ‘is the color of skin from the inside of the skin.

For brown eyes and green, colors like plum, persimmon, and browns can use. In relation to the darker colors you need to see the eyes for colors such as shades of pink, brown, salmon, orange and gold.colors as silver, blue, light green, black, gray, and the costume of gold on the eyes of all colors.

After examining your skin, you need to know what categories you fall into the skin. For example, it is fair, olive, dark or medium color. Now, with cheerful colors, it depends on the structure of the face. Some people with fair skin are to wear warm colors on the face while other shades of pink. For darker skin tones, you can choose any color, the wearing either cool colors or warm colors. So that’s how you find colors for your face. Regarding regards eyeshadow, it is proposed that a color that brings out the eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter to use.

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