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Dresses For Wedding

Due to globalization, women began confused to select bridal dress on their wedding ceremony especially in subcontinent.

According to currant era. There is a lot of verity of bridal dress in all over the world. Religion, culture and tradition are common features which are affected on bridal dress in all over the world.

If we see religions wise, in Christianity christen women like to wear GOWN WITH VEIL due to religion tradition.

In sub continent culture and tradition to keep influence on bridal dress deeply because culture of subcontinent is merger of various traditions like Muslims, Hindu izam, arsines, Mughals, etc.

Bridal dress of subcontinent consist of a lot of verity like, GARRARA, SHARRARA, LEHNGGA, SARRI, SHALWAR KEMEEZ, CHORI PAJAMA, etc.

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