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Effortless Hair

“It’s a good time to blow-dry your hair. ¬†Although blow-drying may appear to be a simple venture there are several little-known facets in home blowouts that result in them being far from salon perfect.

“Don’t try too hard straightening your hair, “If you want to save time then just blow- dry the front pan.” Add body by backcombing the crown, but not too neatly. Slightly messy hair will look edgy yet not very made up.”

“The products you use on your hair before blow- drying can make a world of difference to the end result. Consider products suited for your hair type (those with thin strands should opt for lightweight products such as mousse whereas hair with thicker texture requires heavier products such as wax or gel.”

“When blow-drying damp hair, try and keep your fingers out of your hair until it is completely dry (especially, if prone to frizz).”


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