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Essential oils

Weekly oiling rituals are a norm in our culture; some do it more often th an on a weekly basis. Having read just about everything from, oiling is good for your hair to oiling really does not make a difference s to your hair, if you have coloured hair you should avoid oiling etc. Aside from the ‘goods and ‘bads’ of oiling, there is the ‘coconut oil’ or ‘olive oil ‘Jojoba’ or ‘almond oil ‘ or is it the Omega 3 Fish oil that should be used?

If we do not know the answer to these questions, s why do we keep oiling our hair ever so persistently and regularly?


After researching the various different kinds of oils, we have concluded that these oils are not only beneficial for the hair, but their exquisite qualities make them excellent moisturizers and ointments for the skin, scalp and hair and now you can find out why.


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