Eyelashes Care Tips

Eyelashes Care Tips: The eyes are one of the most precious gifts of God. To enhance the beauty of this precious gift, God made the eyelashes. Which is probably another thing very valuable because it protects not only us but also make them more beautiful and impressive.

The eyes are one of the most precious gifts of God. As we can see and enjoy the colors and the true beauty of this world by his / her eyes. The eyes are also the most important part of our face. No one can resist the charm and appeal of the eye with long eyelashes floating like a butterfly with a wink! Cilia not only protect us in the form of dust particles, foreign bodies, the sun and sweat, but also enhances the beauty and brilliance of the eyes.

Eye lashes long and healthy can easily make your eyes beautiful and glamorous. Shinny and healthy lashes are the dream of every girl. They use many cosmetics eye for this purpose. But the excessive use of cosmetics can damage your eyes and eyelashes.

Here are some simple and natural eyelashes care to make your lashes long and shinny, healthy and attractive.

Eye Lashes Care Tips:

.Wash your eyes and lashes a day with fresh cold water. It will rejuvenate and refresh your lashes and make them clear and bright.

. Use of castor oil for eyelashes shinny and healthy. Castor oil is very good care of eyelashes. Pore ??castor oil in your palm and apply on your lashes with your finger.

. It can keep your eyelashes from breaking and grow new eyelashes. It is suggested to apply castor oil before going to bed.

. Rub your eyelashes with olive oil, coconut oil or almond for hair growth and shine.

. Essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C are very essential for healthy eyes and eyelashes. Take milk, butter, cod liver oil, egg yolk, green vegetables and fresh fruit for healthy eyes and eyelashes and impressive.

. Appropriate and adequate sleep is also essential to the care of lashes. 8-10 hours of sleep is essential for eyes shining.

. Do not expose your eyes to direct sunlight. Sunlight can damage your eyes and lashes very quickly. Use sunglasses when you go out in the sun.

. Do not rub your eyes squarely as also damages the cilia and the cilia region.

. Do not use harsh creams or eye-related products. Use natural or herbal eye care products, because they protect not only does eyelashes, but also make them strong and shiny.

. Always remember to remove eye makeup before going to bed. Night are downright damaging our eyes, eyelashes and surrounding areas.

Follow these simple eyelashes eye care tips eye irresistibly beautiful!