Gel Nail tips

Gel Nail tips: Gel nails are artificial nails that are made to stick and stay on your nails. Gel nails are a hot topic in Pakistan, especially girls and women working to improve their love of the nails in the houses of Pakistan. So follow these bases Pakistani fingertips gel and learn the art to make your hands beautiful.

Most Pakistani women are generally aware of the beauty and the length of their nails. Gel nails does not chip easily. Gel nails are natural improvements to the research, are gel nails look neat, clear, non-yellowing and resists lifting.

Achieving a perfect set of nails are difficult to achieve and maintain, but following Pakistani gel nails advice that you can have beautiful, natural looking nails in an instant.

First, the Pakistanis gel nail tip is to prepare your nails and apply the advice if you want. Otherwise, apply a thin layer of gel on nails and healing. Then apply a second coat of gel, but this time, add bows and heal too. Another tip nail gel Pakistan is to apply a third coat of gel, adding more arches and heal. Now clean and shape them according to your choice and polish them until they become smooth. You can either ask or gloss polish on your nails.