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Graying Hair

Like hair loss, graying hair is a powerful psychological issue. It occurs when insufficient melanin pigment is produced in the hair follicle to maintain our original hair colour. It is also sometimes linked to an iron deficiency. A huge number of us choose to colour our hair because.

We do not feel or want to look the age our changing hair colour suggests, or just because we feel like having a change. If dyeing your hair, remember:

-Translucent dyes (rinses) allow the natural shading of each strand of hair to show through rather than imposing a blanket of colour.

-Highlights use bleach or a high-lift tint to give the hair a sun-dappled appearance, while lowlights introduce deeper glints. Both can be useful for creating an impression of volume in tine hair and camouflaging graying hair.

-Temporary and semi-permanent colours offer the chance to experiment without being stuck for too long with the result.

“Provided that you take the trouble to protect and condition your hair and scalp (see above), I cannot see any downside in dyeing your hair. In fact, I am very much in favour of people learning how to colour their hair themselves, so that they can touch up new growth in between visits to the hairdresser.

if you do decide to colour your hair at home, make sure that you use a good, professional product and follow the instructions to the letter. Always wear gloves and apply a smear of Vaseline to protect the skin around your hairline. I am not a great fan of F lenna, which has the unfortunate effect of tingeing grey hair red and, therefore, identifying he very hairs you are attempting to disguise.

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