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Hair Care in Summer with Basic Home Remedies

As everyone knows, the sun’s rays in summer, causing damage to the skin which accelerates the aging process and can also trigger cancer. But it is necessary to protect the hair from the burning rays of sunshine too. Sun damage on the hair can manifest as faded hair color, hair dry and brittle. UV-can cause permanent damage to the outer covering of hair which is cuticle. It can also penetrate into the center of hair, that is cortex and can cause damage in all directions. Thus, you must take special care of the hair in the summer.

Basic Summer Hair Care Tips

Avoid The Dryer

After washing your hair in summer, avoid brushing it and air dry it instead. Brushing causes excessive hair to become dry and brittle and leads to the development of split ends. Using hot irons, hot curlers or straighteners can wreak havoc on your mane and strip it of its natural moisture and radiance.

Cover Your Hair


Before going out in the sun, it is better for you to cover your head with a scarf, umbrella, hat or cap to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and also prevent it from drying.

Oil Massage

The stifling summer heat can cause your hair to become dull and soft. It is recommended that you massage your hair with oil at least three times a week. This not only keeps the hair healthy but also helps maintain moisture balance and shine. Oils, aloe, almond, olive and coconut are the best to massage your scalp.



To keep your mane shiny and revitalized, you need the right conditions. It is recommended to use an air conditioner with a pH balance for your hair type to keep well protected against the harmful effects of the sun. You must condition your hair at least twice a week to keep well hydrated and bouncy. You can also put together a natural air conditioner by mixing half a banana, a quarter of cantaloupe and 1 c. tea yogurt with a drizzle of olive oil. Apply this amazing cure your hair and wash after half an hour.

Natural Moisturizer for Summer Hair Care


Moisturizing lemon does wonders for lifeless, dull hair and nourishes it. Beat 3 eggs, one tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 c. tablespoons of olive oil. Mix ingredients and apply on hair. Rinse after half an hour and your mane is all set to sizzle and bounce.

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