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Hair Color Glossary Cool And Hair Care

Semi-Permanent color

These are vegetable-based days that penetrate slightly into the hair, and then simply wash away. They last for about 12 washes. You can go only darker or warmer than your natural color.


With highlighting, strands of hair are placed in foils and dyed a lighter shade than your natural color. Bold strands create a strong effect, while fine pieces give a more natural look. As the dye permanent, the roots will need retouching when the highlights grow out.

Permanent Color

These dyes can improve the condition of the hair white adding color. You can go lighter, darker or change the tone completely. The color doc not appear artificial, no matter how vivid the lone. This process can be carried out as a full head or a small section of color.



With lowlights, strands of hair are placed in foils and dyed a darker shade than your natural hair color. The dye is permanent. This is a very good method of adding depth and tone to dull hair — you can be as subtle or as bright as you want.


Color Wash

Change your took for the weekend with a color wash. This temporary color is available as a colored mousse or setting lotion and will last for just one wash. Also known as vegetable colors, these are excellent for refreshing faded color and can be used as a conditioning treatment.

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