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Hair Colour Ideas and Hair Colors

Tone on Tone

This technique adds tone and shine. It will not lighten hair, but gives it sheen and life. Tone-on-tone lasts between four and six weeks. This can also be used within creative-color techniques to give subtle, even depth.


Two or three shades of color are applied to each “slice” of hair. Semi-permanent color can be used for a subtle look; tone-on-tone for visible color; and permanent color for a dramatic effect. This is a good technique for thickening fine hair, as the multicolor shading gives depth.

Chunky lights

Normally applied on the top of the head and around the face, color is added to wide-woven pieces of hair. Softer or stronger colors can be used to create different effects. This technique is best when slightly contrasting colors are used, as it will make the color stand out.


This technique is used to lighten ha r or to create results that cannot be achieved with high-lift color. Bleaching agents lighten the pigment rinsing stops the process at the required shade. Its a job best left to the experts, as toning is a major part of this process.

Duo/trio Color

A creative technique using tone-on-tone color, which can be Semi-Permanent or permanent. Color is applied in two sections to cover the entire head and can be subtle or dramatically different. Duo color means two colors only; trio is three colors only.

Waxes and Pomades

Color waxes or pomades are a totally temporary coloring method, ideal for those who like to go wild at the weekend but have to look professional during the week. It is applied after the hair has been dried and styled to give a dramatic look. If you have very blonde or bleached hair, do a test strand to make sure it doesn’t stain the hair and will wash out.

Tonal Blast

The tips of the hair are first lightened and then toneon-tone color is applied. The lightened pieces of hair will show the tone more dramatically. This color adds definition to shorter haircuts and works best when stronger colors, such as reds and coppers, are used.

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