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Hair Extra Tips

Extra Tips

-Wash your brushes and combs regularly with shampoo or detergent.

-Avoid brushes with synthetic bristles.

-The only remedy for split ends is to cut them off they are impossible to ‘mend’.

-Suncare in Pakistan, the women use only their regular applications of oil to protect their hair from the hot sun. If you are oiling your hair at least once a week, it should be pretty well-screened from the damaging effect of the sun. Even so, covering your hair in intense sunlight is still advisable, particularly if your hair is coloured.

-Wear a close-fitting cap when swimming in a chlorinated pool. Coloured hair should also be protected from sea water.

-Zinc oxide in shampoo formulations acts as a useful three-way sunscreen, conditioner and anti- dandruff agent. Use in preference to .dandruff shampoos containing coal tar, which has a drying effect on the hair shaft and is believed to be carcinogenic.

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