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Hair Ideas – Hair Dresser And Haircuts

Your Hair Dresser

Finding a hairstylist with whom you -click” is like any other relationship — although its unlikely you’d ask a friend to make you look and feel like a groovier version of your favorite actress. You need chemistry, you need trust and you need to be able to convey your ideas in such a way that they can be easily interpreted. If you are considering a radical cut but don’t have a hairdresser you trust, make appointments for a few blow-drys at different salons. Mention your ideas to the stylist looking after you and decide with whom you feel most at ease. All good salons offer a free consultation, but having a blow-dry will allow you to experience how a stylist works, rather than rust listen to their suggestions. Above all, visiting a salon should be a pleasurable experience. You want to feel pampered and relaxed, confident in the knowledge that when you walk out you are going to look and feel like a million dollars, not nervous and edgy, wishing you’d brought a paper bag with you.

Recommendations from friends are a good way of finding a reputable stylist, but we are all subjective in our choices, and one person’s dream stylist could be another’s idea of hell. If you see someone with a haircut you like, ask them who did it. After all, you wouldn’t hesitate to question where someone got their stunning high heels that you liked, now would you?

The Consultation

Taking along a picture of a cut or color you like is a good starting point and avoids confusion. Compile a -look book- — a scrapbook or folder where you keep magazine tear sheets of styles you like, as well as photographs of yourself when you had a particularly good cut or color Ifs also useful to show your stylist pictures of looks that you really dislike. A picture is a good way of understanding one another’s vocabulary — for you, titian may mean coppery golden highlights; for your stylist it may mean gingery red tones. However, do not expect to look like the person in the picture. Sadly for us, there is only one Rachel, one Meg and one Gwyneth.


Reworking and Rewards

If you don’t like a cut or style, be honest and tell your stylist. They would much prefer to rework it and sort it out for you, rather than have you leave disappointed. Conversely, if you really like a cut or receive a lot of compliments on a style, give the stylist that feedback. Everyone responds to praise and likes to know when a cut or style performs well.

If you are happy with the stylist’s work, then tip, but don’t feel uneasy if you can’t afford to tip generously. Ask any hairdresser and they are thrilled if they receive a thank-you card or see a customer leave the salon looking genuinely happy. Equally, if you buy a bottle of the shampoo, conditioner or styling product that your stylist has used, this indicates that you want to re-create the look at home.

Hairdresser S’ Translation Service Choppy

This is the result when hair has been cut using a Texturizing method — for example, razor-cutting to give a “choppy finish.”

Feathering using a razor to cut hair instead of scissors. This reates a much more random finish, leaving the hair more disheveled and creating that lived-in look.

Flick-outs This involves blow-drying the hair so that it flicks outwards at the ends to create volume and width, instead of blow-drying the hair under, which is a more traditional look.

Texturizing A method of cutting using tools such as razor, clippers or Texturizing scissors. These are I      ordinary cutting scissors, but one blade is serrated, enabling the stylist to reduce weight evenly throughout the cut.

Volume To build hair and add life, volume can be temporary or permanent.

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