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Hair Washing

Hair needs washing when it loses its ‘bounce’ and starts to look dull and lifeless. If your hair is oily or very fine, or you suffer from dandruff or psoriasis, you may not feel confident unless you give it a daily wash. Once your scalp is in peak condition, twice a NA,eek should be more than adequate.

-Detail & your hair before you wash it as wet hair is extremely fragile.

-Use a gentle, p11-balanced shampoo to preserve the hair’s acid mantle.

-Squeeze the shampoo – just enough to generate a reasonable lather

– into your palms before applying to your scalp and  the roots of your hair.

This is where it is most needed. Massage your scalp lightly all over with your fingertips while the shampoo is working, moving from the hairline towards the centre. Rinse and rinse until your hair ‘squeaks’. A second shampoo will only be necessary if your hair is actually dirty.

-Use the smallest quantity of conditioner and comb it through your hair with your fingers, steering well 7 clear of the roots. If your hair is inclined to tangle, this is a good motnent to comb it through very gently with a wick-toothed comb, starting at the ends and working slowly upwards. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.

-Cider vinegar ( for dark hair and flaky / dandruff scalps ) or lemon juice ( for fair hair and greasy scalps ) added to a basin of water as a final rinse will restore sheen and maintain the acid balance of your hair.

-Do not rub your hair – pat and squeeze it dry.

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