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Helpful guide to Summer proof your Hair

The skin care is important in summer, but to protect your hair against the harsh rays of the sun, summer hair care is just as important. The sun’s rays burning cause significant damage to the hair that can be overcome by the hair care correct summer. With our easy to follow hair care tips in summer, you can certainly evidence of summer and enjoy your hair healthy, shiny hair all summer. The damage that can be caused by UV rays are bleaching the hair, damaging the cuticle and hair brittle and dry. Here are some important summer hair care to take care of your hair during this season.

Trim Split Ends:
Since the summer can rob all the moisture from your hair, our hair care guide summer suggest you get your hair cut end of every 4-6 weeks during the warmer months. When ends are fizzy, it’s a clear sign of hair care was inappropriate and damage or split ends.
For summer proof of your hair, be sure to trim your split ends and damaged sections off. The only method of preventive care summer hair to deal with frizzy hair is to get rid of split ends.
Ditch the color:
During the summer months, reduce the use of harsh chemicals to bleach and hair color. Due to the loss of moisture, color of hair can cause significant damage to your hair care routine summer. Instead of using the colors of artificial hair, the hair show was going as natural as possible.
If you want to color your hair in the summer, our guide to hair care was advisable to apply a natural color of henna and conditioner (Mehndi). Henna will not only play a positive role in your hair care routine summer, but will also provide cooling and soothing.

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