Home Remedies For Sunny Side Effects

There is no doubt that the sun is the source of all life on earth. Without the sun, nothing will survive, but if you have too much sun, it can not be right for you.
Exposing your skin to the sun too much or too may have side effects on the skin. It may seem strange, but many times skin conditions people suffer are caused by overexposure to the sun. The sun might be a good source of vitamin D, but it can also be the cause of skin disease as well.
Some side effects of over exposure to sunlight are freckles, dark skin, burns and skin cancers, even. Now for the skin cancer it would need medical help, but for others, you can use remedies which can be prepared at home. They are simple, easy and effective.
Consider first the freckles. There are some easy remedies for this problem. Use the lime juice. All you need to do is apply the juice on the affected area with a little cotton and leave for a while to dry. You can use buttermilk instead of lime juice, if you want.
You can also use the beans for this purpose. Boil some green beans and then make a paste. Apply to your skin and keep it for a while. Rinse with cold water. You can always apply the juices that are rich in vitamin C. They are very useful for freckles.
Another way to combat freckles is using radish with a few drops of vinegar to a pulp bleaching. Boil some milk with grated horseradish for the diluted bleach. Try mixing one ounce. rum 2 oz lemon juice to apply on your freckles.
But you might have some stubborn freckles who need a stronger solution. Boil 1 oz buttermilk horseradish in ½ liter for 30 minutes. Apply the solution to your tight freckles. An alternative to bleach is stronger is a paste mixed with borax powder and lemon juice, which should be applied at night.
A skin problems most commonly caused by the sun is the sun burn. Cucumber is one of the best remedy for sunburn. All you need do is ask the cucumber juice on your skin before going out. It works like a great sun block. You can either apply the juice directly or you can make a mixture of equal quantity of rose water, cucumber juice and glycerine. Use cotton to apply the mixture on your skin.
Last but not least, is the dark skin. For this you can use bleach house. If you have dry skin, put a slice of lemon in milk. After a time constraint of milk and apply on your skin. This remedy really helps.
To be on the safe side, try not to expose your skin to the sun too. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry