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How to Apply Makeup for a Fresh and Clean Look

In today’s hectic world, there is no place to waste a lot of time to put on loads of makeup. Many women spend a few hours before the mirror in the quest to achieve new look.

However, you can easily achieve a clean and sparkling with a few quick shots and nicely done little makeup. With this makeup application step by step, get a fresh and polished in summer will not be a chore for you.


Wash your face with warm water and cleaner, and make sure your skin is clean of all traces of makeup or creams before.

Prepare your skin

Prepare your skin for makeup application by applying a moisturizer without oil. Let dry completely.

Use concealer

Begin by covering up your dark spots and dark circles by applying concealer evenly. Always choose a shade of concealer shade lighter or your exact skin color.

Avoid Foundations

Avoid using heavy foundations as it will give your makeup look fake. Instead of cream foundation, you can use a tinted moisturizer or foundation pure.

On the application of powder

Apply powder to reduce shine on the forehead and nose by absorbing oils. While doing makeup, be sure to apply a small amount of powder on the area generally T. Unnecessary use of powder in the application of makeup will make your skin look aged. You can use puff or sponge to gently apply powdermakeup as desired.

Applying Blush

Blush is not necessarily part of makeup application, but it can surely give you a fresh look. However, avoid using too much blush to add color to your cheeks. Just sweep the brush on the blush and apply gently to your cheek to your hairline.


For the finished look and clean, the final step of applying makeup is to apply a lip balm or gloss. For makeup fresh looking, lip gloss in pink, bronze or brown are the best to go with.

Eye Makeup

For an application of clean and fresh makeup, apply light brown, ivory and pink on the eyes. Eye makeup or bright color can definitely ruin your look clean. The application of soft eyes makeup should be done with a brush or applicator shade.

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