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How to Cut Your Hair and Hair Cuts – Short Hair Cuts


There are no limitations to your choice of style or cut. Modern fashion and beauty tells us that anything goes: all that matters is that you feel happy and confident with your look. If you have a long, sloping jaw, traditional thinking would tell you to avoid a short gamine cut, but if you like it and have the confidence to wear it, the chances are you will pull it off beautifully. Just look at all those quirky models who don’t fit the perfectly proportioned, blonde-hair, blue-eyed aesthetic. But if you don’t feel brave enough to throw caution to the wind, here are few guidelines that will guarantee that a cut suits your face and flatters your features in a more classical manner.

Face shape

The best way to determine your face shape is by doing the mirror trick. Alternatively, get a photo taken or rely on your hairdresser to define your profile. Certain features can be minimized or emphasized by a hairstyle. A prominent nose or chin can be countered by bangs. An angular jawbone means you can wear gamine Audrey Hepburn cuts and crops, while a long, sloping jawbone doesn’t always work with short hair.

Remember that your face shape changes with age. Your jaw will inevitably grow less defined and your complexion less radiant and smooth as you grow older. The good news is that a clever cut and color can make you look younger and feel better. Don’t get stuck in a rut, repeating the same hairstyle time and time again. Keep moving with the times. After all, what suits you at 18 is unlikely to look good when you are 30. Nothing dates you faster than make-up and a haircut, and yet nothing is quite so simple to change as these.

Oval face

This classic shape suits any look. With this in mind, use your hairstyle to create an illusion of the perfect oval by balancing the proportions.


The narrowing of the face can be countered with the extra volume of a layered bob, which flicks outwards at chin level.

Square face

Soften up the edges with a style that breaks up the symmetry. Play with off- center parts, graduated Layers and soft curls.

Round face

Soft, feathered cuts with layers coming forward onto the face look stylish and sophisticated and also slim down a fuller face.

Long face

Bangs disguise a long forehead, while a chin- or shoulder- length style adds volume and broadens the face.

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