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How To Deal Acne In Summer

Summer has come and the most common problem that people are suffering right now is acne, acne in both body and face. People with oily skin suffer most from this problem.

In summer months we have the most sweat and we love to wear clothes unless covered. When we sweat our body also secretes oil from the sebaceous gland. Unless we clean them and then they block the flow of the skin.

As we wear less covered, most of our bodies come into contact with dirt and dust. The dirt and dust, along with bacteria infection on to create clogged pores and the result is acne. The problem of acne allover the body is really frustrating because they create irritation and leave unsightly dark spots on the skin. This article will help you get rid of the body and facial acne.

To keep your skin oil free, take a bath every day in fresh water. Bain not only helps keep your body cool, it also helps remove excess oil from your body. If you live in a warm climate, swimming at least twice a day with mild liquid soap. Do not let the sweat from accumulating on your skin. Wash them as soon as possible. Pay special attention to the under the arm, the area inbetween thighs, back, hip, etc. This is because they are prone area sweat.

Apply toner or astringent to close the open pores of the body. Astringent and toner also keeps your skin fresh and resist irritation due to excessive heat. Shower frequently to get rid of acne bacteria decision. After the shower sprinkle talcum powder all over his body. Talc helps keep your skin dry for some time.

If you already have acne on your skin, to treat them immediately. Do not hurry, as this can create a permanent place. Soak a cotton ball in the tea tree oil and apply on pimples. This provides buttons dry. Lemon juice, orange juice are also very effective in the treatment of acne. Rub ice cubes more acne. It resists acne new extension.

How To Deal Acne In Summer

To keep your face acne free the same treatment that you have already learned for the body. Wash your face twice a day with a good face wash that suits your skin. Apply the juice of mint, cucumber juice, neem leaves paste, basil paste on acne of the face to get fast relief.

Do not leave dead cells accumulate on the body. It not only makes the skin dull, it also aggravates the problem of acne and pimples. While bathing take a small soft towel to rub the whole body including the face and neck. Rub with a towel will help eliminate dead cells and helps your skin to breathe. There are different types of cleaner on the market.

You can use them or you can use your own rub musk especially when you have extremely sensitive skin. In a bowl take little quantity of milk, rose water, dried lentils and rice husk. Mix well and apply all over your body. Let them dry. After that, rub. This will help to rub the dead skin and dirt.

Wear loose cotton cloth that will help air flow and therefore will keep your body cool. Maintain a light diet and stay away from fatty food, as much as possible.

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