How to Determine Face Shape And Hair Styles For Women

Body Proportion

As well as considering your hair type and face shape, a good hairdresser witt also take into account your body shape, proportions and size when consulting you about a restyle. This is why it is important that he or she sees you to discuss your ideas before you are sitting in a chair, shrouded in a gown and with your hair wrapped up in a towel.

Very long, flowing hair on a short body frame will shorten the body even more; conversely, a short, gamine crop will not work well on a body that is broad-framed and tall. Big-volume, curly shoulder- length hair on a short, plump torso will just accentuate width; while a short, spiky cut on a tall person can be intimidating.

How to Determine Face Shape


1-      Stand in front of your mirror.

2-   Using your hands, pull all your hair away from your face.

3- Take a lipstick (not your favorite) and, at arm’s length, draw an outline of your face on the mirror.

4-   Like it or not, what you are left with is your face shape.


Creating a new part is me quickest and cheapest way to update a style and change your look and face shape. Each season, one type of part dominates the fashion shows — from the zigzag to the deep, side parting Just above the ear. For a long time only center parts would do. Use a tail comb to experiment. Hold it by the teeth at a low angle and use the handle to part the hair. Keep the tip in contact with the scalp to get the most control.