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How To Fake Carefree Beachy Waves

Summer hair should be three things – low maintenance, sexy and hot and ready. The best part of hitting the surf and sand is the beach of the texture elements will give your hair. Tousled and slightly messy, but this way was careless, the waves of the beach are really the perfect summer hairstyle. How can you get this look without leaving the city? We have a guide here.

How To Fake Carefree Beachy Waves


1. Spritz hair with a leave-in texturizing as Bumble and Bumble. Surf Spray.

2. Style hair in a braid loose side. Do not worry if it is not perfect, this makes the waves more credible.

3. Braid hair spray lightly with a light spray so your hair begins to take shape. We like Frederic Fekkai Sheer hold hairspray.

4. Dry the braid until it is dry, or sleep on it.

5. Unravel braid and gently run your fingers through your hair separate. Spritz a texturizing dry as Oribe Texturizing Spray dry for extra volume and lift.

6. Finish with a smoothing serum to tame frizz and flyaways possible. We swear by 15in1 black to conserve moisture and shine.


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