How to Get Smooth and Plump Lips Naturally

Who does not want to prune and smooth lips will attract others? Lips play a big role in your facial expression. They also play an important role in the beauty of the face. If you have cracked and dry lips, it hinders the natural beauty of your face. Also applied lipstick to the lips of the crack is nothing but a horrible thing.

Lip care and a proper diet are necessary to keep your lips plump and beautiful. This article will help you get those sexy full lips and a few days.

Keep your lips hydrated by drinking enough water every day. Around 8-10 glasses of water are needed to keep you hydrated. Eat juicy fruits such as green coconut, orange, melon, apple, etc., which will provide enough bottled water to your body. Eat green leafy vegetables that add a lot of water in your body.

A regular lip care is needed to keep your beautiful lips. Do not let the dead skin build up on the lip. If you do not remove the dead skin of the outer lips, in a few days your lips will look dull and lifeless. Apply a thick layer of cream on your lips baby. Keep for 10-15 minutes. Your skin will get soft. After that, with the help of a soft brush gently scrub to remove dead tissue. You can use natural products for that too. Take milk, butter milk or cream. Add lemon juice and a pinch of rice husks in it. Mix well and apply on your lips. Milk will make your lips soft, lemon juice will help to reduce sunburn and rice husks will remove dead tissue. Never bite your lips to remove dead skin.

Do not use too much lipstick and gloss on your lips. These things include the color which is nothing but chemicals. Avoid lipstick dark and stick to lighter shade because lighter contains chemicals relatively less. Apply thin coat of lipstick and soak the excess oil with absorbent paper.

As the skin of other parts of the body the skin of our lips also get burned because of the scorching heat of the sun. To remove the sunburn apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. EA drink, coffee and tobacco also our lips black. So wash your mouth with water immediately after taking the tea or coffee.

Before going to bed at the baby massage cream on your lips tonight. You can also use olive oil for this purpose because it is a good thing to make your lips smooth and fleshy. Smash some rose petals and apply on your lips to make it supple and smooth. A weekly mask lip is required to maintain the fluidity of the lip. To make this mask, you will need a teaspoon of crushed ripe tomato, a teaspoon of fuller’s earth and rose water into a fine paste.

Lip is an important part of your face. Do not neglect it. Eating healthy and taking care to get healthy lips healthy.