Imtiaz Ali Speaks About Tamasha’s Storyline & How Women Can Change Your Life!

Imtiaz Ali Speaks About Tamasha’s Storyline & How Women Can Change Your Life! Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha is getting a absolutely accurate response from moviegoers and the movie has collected around 50 Crores worldwide on the field office in just day 4 of its release. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have given a stellar overall performance making it a pride to observe.

Tamasha has touched many human beings on a non-public level about how essential it’s far to discover your very own voice whilst the outside global expects you to stick socetial norms. Imtiaz Ali was quoted as announcing

“This movie turned into made with a view that the audience isn’t always stupid. I frequently sense they are more advanced than filmmakers. We every now and then try to placed our errors our incapacitates upon them. The heartwarming reaction to Tamasha hopefully will dispel that notion that the target audience does now not apprehend or you can fool them.

Imtiaz Ali Speaks About Tamasha's Storyline & How Women Can Change Your Life!

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Imtiaz Ali believes that a person can grow simplest to a certain stage after which wishes a lady’s touch and help to go a whole lot similarly in life. The director additionally says that Deepika Padukone is magic and carries femine electricity with her. Imtiaz changed into quoted as saying

Imtiaz Ali Speaks About Tamasha’s Storyline

“She is the grace inside the movie. She is like the muse. In antique texts there’s always this invocation to a female energy she is that. I have visible ladies to be like that during existence. You can develop only a lot earlier than a girl involves take you to the subsequent level who touches you.

” Imtiaz Ali claims that he has individually seen human beings around him change for the higher all by means of the grace of ladies in their lifestyles the director turned into quoted as saying

“it could be a damaging relationship or constructive…It is not important. A lady’s contact is this kind of cliche however it operates. I’ve seen this happening around me.” Hit to the theatres to look at the magic of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha.