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Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women

Every woman wants to become mother after marriage. Every woman want healthy and beautiful child. If a mother will healthy, wealthy and cheerful then her baby will be healthy and cool mind, cute and strong. Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women 2 For giving birth to healthy baby and cut baby mother must take proper food and balanced diet. We should keep in mind that unborn babies have completely depends in their mothers, So if mother has good health then her baby will certainly healthy and happy. Babies are completely depends on their mother physically and mentallyIndian Recipes For Pregnant Women 1 Pregnant women become worry that what should they eat. Mostly women cannot eat because loss of appetite which occur changing of pregnancy hormones, women feel nausea and vomiting. In these circumstances older and someother women give misguide suggestions, which make pregnant women more worried, because she already cannot eat more. Older women say to pregnant women that you should eat equal to two men food. One for yourself and one for your baby. Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women 7 Doctors recommendations are that every women must take balanced diet and proper (light) exercise that keep a women healthy and her baby also. Balanced diet provides accurate nutrition to mother and baby. The question is : What should be proper and balanced diet? Balanced diet is that diet which provides the proper quantity of Vitamins, Minerals and carbohydrates etc. In pregnancy mother  and child need proper nutrition diet. So I giving some tips of  using the proper and balanced diet. These help you to keep your as well as your baby  health maintain. 1- All Gynecologists and nutritious  doctor recommend Vitamin ‘A’ durinf pregnancy. So it must take. The source of Vitamin ‘A’ are: Sweet Potato Louki Govari Carrot Papaya Tomatoes Peaches Dark green veggies Use in all trimesters. Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women 3 2 – Iron: Iron is very very important during pregnancy. If it uses come then mother and baby suffer in Anemia which is very dangerous both mother and baby in growth. The sources of Iron are:  Fruits like mangoes Oranges Bananas water melon Grapes Apples Strawberry etc. chicken , mutton chops, fish Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women 5 Dark leafy vegetables like: Broccoli spinach tomatoes asparagus beetroot mushrooms etc. 3- Folic Acid Folic acid is also most important in pregnancy. So it must used in first 2 trimesters. Major sources of Folic Acid are: Cereals, Beans Brinjals Berries Corn Carrots Cauliflowers Spinach Mashroom 4- Protein Protein is also a essential element in pregnancy it will play major roll in baby growth. Source of Protein Which you can avail easily: Poultry Lean meat Beans Eggs Mutton Beef 5- Vitamin C  Vitamin C is most important in Pregnancy. The sources of Vitamin C are Orange juice Strawberries Cabbage Raspberries Kiwi Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women 6 6- Vitamin D Vitamin D is more important in Pregnancy. It gives energy to skin, Bones and helpful absorbed calcium also. If proper vitamin D not absorbed in body then the baby suffer in rickets disease. The sources of Vitamin D are: Fish Cereals Egg Yolk Most important SUN LIGHT Indian Recipes For Pregnant Women4 7- Calcum Calcum is also very very important during pregnancy. I make bones in body it give energy to pregnant women. The sources of Calcium are: Milk        major source Almond Orange Butter Fish Broccoli Green leafy vegetables .

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