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Hair Care And Hair Ideas – Inside And Outside

In a perfect world we would all be calm, collected and look the picture of health. Unfortunately, though, all too often we are subject to stress, but how we deal with it determines how well we cope and, ultimately, how good we look. Taking supplements, exercising and allowing time to eat well, sleep welt and relax will not make your life go more smoothly, but it will give your inner resources an extra boost that will help you manage stress and still have enough energy left to keep your inner light shining brightly.

Expect the Unexpected
From relatively minor disruptions like the washing machine flooding to more serious problems of health and demands from your work and family, life is full of situations beyond our control. Inevitably, this means we often have to change the best-laid plans at the last moment and adapt accordingly. When we are fit and healthy we are more able to deal with problems and to respond more effectively to them.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself
Good habits are easy to break and no one is immune to temptation. If your willpower isn’t as strong as you’d like, maybe you are expecting too much of yourself. Reconsider your goals. Few people manage to eat a perfectly balanced diet or keep up an exercise routine all of the time.

Learn To Compromise
We all lead busy, busy lives and free time has become a luxury. If a few microwave meals are ways of spending precious time with your family, then so be it. But you don’t have time to relax? You don’t have to be in a yoga class to practice slow, deep breathing — do it while driving home in your car or while sitting on the bus.

Get as much Help as you can
Develop a support system of your favorite products, dietary supplements and pampering treats that you can., use to nurture your sense of wellbeing. Keep a list of the numbers of good health, beauty and alternative therapists on hand so that booking a reflexology appointment becomes as easy as phoning for takeout.

Stressed Hair
When you are worried and stressed, the first part of your body to become tense is the shoulders. When the neck and shoulders are constricted, the supply of oxygen and blood, to the scalp is inhibited. Inevitably, your hair becomes stressed, too, and the signs are a flaky scalp, dull hair and, eventually, hair loss. When you are stressed, your nails and hair are the first to be ignored by your body’s natural vitamin distribution process – and this is also true for pregnant women. It is absolutely essential to replace lost minerals and vitamins, both internally and externally.

1- Massage the scalp and learn to relax. It relieves tension and increases blood flow which nourishes roots and hair follicles. Gently work your fingers around your head, massaging all the time. Start at the perimeter of the head and work inwards, making sure your fingers never leave the scalp.

2- A flaky scalp can be due to dehydration — especially after too much alcohol — so take a bath to unwind, rather than reaching for the wine bottle. Always drink at least eight large glasses of water every day.

3- Think about supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals.

4- Eat your greens. Green vegetables have a high iron content that will encourage the growth of healthy hair. Eat oily fish like salmon. The oils encourage the flow of sebum, giving flexibility to the hair.

6- Essential oils are good for wellbeing can also benefit the scalp and hair when a few drops are diluted in vegetable oil or warm water. Rose absolute is moisturizing; tea tree and eucalyptus oils have antiseptic properties which are soothing for a dry, tight scalp; and lavender is supremely relaxing.

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