Makeup Ideas For Brunettes

Makeup Ideas For Brunettes: Makeup adds a charm to your personality, because it can give you different looks when applied in different ways and different shades. Brunettes can be considered lucky, because there are a variety of colors that look wonderful in combination with their hair color. Many makeup ideas for brunettes are there regardless of the color of their eyes. Makeup ideas for brunettes following will be based on different women on different occasions, choose one of the ideas given below that you think suits you best and experiment a new look.

Minimalist makeup: For a daytime function, it is beneficial to opt for a natural look. As the trend of “natural beauty” is “in” this year, therefore, choosing natural look you will also look trendy. A minimal makeup does not mean the foundation fair skin. Curl your lashes with a curler, and then define eyes by applying the mascara, but make sure that the application of mascara does not add fireworks to your look. Fill in the makeup by applying a lipstick or lip color or clear lip gloss on your lips.

Bronze makeup:For a night vision function, bronze is the best choice for brunettes because it complements their skin tone perfectly. If you have blemishes on your face, then the first step is to mask these imperfections using concealment or, then apply the foundation for a perfect base for makeup. Apply eye shadow on lids and highlight the lash line with liquid eyeliner. Use an eyelash curler to curl and then apply black mascara on them, complete the makeup by applying brown blush on the cheeks and a lipstick or lip color or clear lip gloss on your lips.

Smokey eye makeup:The Smokey eye makeup is the best option for a more formal occasion. It gives you a perfect look when it is created with black as base color, but you can also use the color of your choice. Put on the black eye shadow on the eyelids and pair it with a lighter shade like gray or white to the heights to add a fade effect. Then apply eyeliner close to lashes and pencil black eyeliner on your waterline. Apply mascara as a finishing touch. Application of false eyelashes can give you more dramatic look.