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Natural Drying Hair And Hair Colour

Natural Drying

1- Start by applying your Chosen styling product, spreading it evenly through your hair using your fingers and finishing with a comb.

2- Mold” your hair into the desired shape before dying it to ensure a perfect finish.

3- Start drying your hair, using your fingers as a brush. This gives Maximum lift at the roots.

4- Dry all sections thoroughly and then finish using a light pomade.

Great Curls


1- Apply a styling product that is suitable for your hair type – it is really important to star with a great foundation.

2- Tip your head to one side and, using the bowl of the diffuser, lift the Hairdryer up and down into the hair with a gentle movement. Then tip your head to the other side and repeat.


3- When the hair is dry, tip your head forward and continue with a similar motion. If you find your hair is starting to go fluffy. Spritz it with a shine spray.

4– When you have finished all the sections of the hair, gently run a gel evenly through it to create a more defined curl.

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