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Naturally Glossy Hair

For Naturally Glossy hair

The dry weather is just around the corner and you can already feel the sorry state your hair is directing towards. Extensive hair fall and dryness annoy you to the extremes. To combat it, try this:
•    Soak fenugreek [methi] seeds over night and grind them.
•    Add henna powder, honey and tea extract to make a paste.
•    Apply 1 to 2 hours before rinsing your hair.
Comb your hair when they are dry to some extent and brush them upside down. And as the dry weather already sucks the moisture, avoid using hair dryer and hair styling products.

Make Anti-Ageing Products work batter

Exfoliate – Exfoliating is the key step in anti-ageing. It allows fresh cells to absorb ingredients in the cream and serum better
•    Double up – Rubbing anti-ageing products onto warm damp skin can deliver the ingredients deeper.
•    Apply yourself – The thin skin around the eyes and the lips is usual¬ly the first place you’ll see lines. Apply exfoliant with your ring finger to these tender areas.

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