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New Look for Your Hair

Thousands of years ago, wme washed their hair with Aloe Vera gel, hibiscus flower juice and other fragrant herbs and then oiled it with coconut oil scented with jasmine, rose or sandalwood. They dried their hair over incense and the perfume would linger for days, scenting the air with even the slightest movement.

In those days styling the hair was also an essential part of a woman’s daily beauty routine. There was the kaparda or shell- shaped hairdo, where a braid was twisted like a shell and worn on the right side of the head or two braids were looped on the either side of the head; the jata, where the hair was braided and piled on the top of the head like a diadem; and the dhommilla, in which a long tube of hair was twisted and coiled around the head, and the stuka or curls and alaka or locks were left loose to soften the face and enhance its charm.

Influential women would hire many helping hands to help them create these innovative hairdos. It’s places like New Look that make it happen for us in die modern times. New Look is one of the top most parlours in Lahore run by a pleasant and friendly lady called Musawar. Like the name suggests Musawar is a true artist at heart. The celebrity models are wearing the unique hair styles created at New Look. New Look is concerned about the lack of hair care in our country. Modern life has left little time for all nice things and people have slowly chucked out the hair oiling and massaging routines from their lives. Many come to the parlour a few days before their wedding expecting her to perform a miracle. She discusses common hair problems and their remedies and strongly suggests that we take some time out to follow them because miracles are not easy to perform.

Like the skin, the hair has a natural protective coating of oil, produced in the follicle, which is of a slightly acidic nature. The one guiding principle when it comes to washing, treating and styling your hair is to avoid stripping your locks of this ‘acid mantle’ and roughing up the cuticle. This leaves the inside of the hair shaft vulnerable to damage and moisture evaporation, which result in weakened hair and problems such as split ends.


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