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Poem On Mehndi Desig

Nature means “Open Book” is the only way to know about God’s Blessings and His fear. We Can Be Live Peacefully by FOLLOWING the open book. I’m gonna describe the very small part of nature in my poem.

Poem On Mehndi Designs

“With the decorative henna On Her Hands
She Holds Her lover’s heart so close Within,
So very light and so very pure
Without Any Thought of lust or sin,
She loved HAD HIM Before oz
In the past Many centuries ago
She knows This is true
Her heart and soul As Told Her HAD SO,
Now She Is Once Again wearing yellow colored henna history
Her delicate white is so silky soft hands
She Is at His side and did very historical love Every command,
She then she loved loved HIM HIM now
She puts HIM in a dream Some way Some how,
He Is She Is hers as his, Their Destiny HAD Already Been Written
This henna tells Her On Her hands so,
In Her hands His heart is rocked to and fro Gently,
Till the time of departure
To Her Husband She Will Have house to go,
This tormenting sparkling yellow henna
A sign of new flanges blushes
A sign of this woman sweating brow and embarrassment
With Her head down and Her heart beating faster and faster,
She Is praying in torment it’s all over soon,
She Will Always Be At Her husband’s side
In happiness and sorrow
She Is At His command
She and Will Has Fallen in Love With Him
He Will Give Her Everything She Will demand,
She Is She Is His history star moon
The yellow henna On Her Hands
Had Already Told She Is His HIM. “

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