Protect your Contact Lens from Summer

Protect your Contact Lens from Summer: The glasses of the summer is a big mess! Especially when you are out and the sweat running down your forehead while you’re busy wiping the nose and eye with a tissue even! Yawk! I hate wearing glasses in the summer and I’m sure most of you do the same.

However, wearing contact lenses in the summer is not an easy task. These delicate membranes are extremely sensitive to heat and therefore require more attention and care for your eyes stay healthy, happy and without glasses.

Here are some tips to protect your special contact lenses in the terrible heat of the sun in summer:

. Use a waterproof sunscreen: It is always best for contact lens wearers to use a waterproof sunscreen summers so when they swim or sweat of their sunscreen does not flow in their eyes and cause stinging pain and red eyes .

. Use Mascara: The same applies for the mascara. When you wear contact lens in the summer, be sure to use waterproof mascara so that your mascara does not irritate your eyes or damaging your contact lens.

. Wear UV protection sunglasses: sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, but also save your contact lenses from heat and debris from blowing into your eyes. In addition, sunglasses also prevent dry eye caused by the hot wind.

. Wear goggles while swimming: Swimming in summer is fun, but you definitely do not want your contact lens dear to float in the pool water! And you? So always wear goggles so if you wear contact lenses, such as eye protection prevents water from entering your eyes.

. Avoid AC / fan direct hit: It feels so relaxing to stand in front of AC / Coolers for fun in the cold air, but the air directly is not good for your contact lens because it will dry your eyes and lenses could fall due to drought. Also, always keep some eye lubricating drops handy.