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Psycho-cybernates Technique of Relaxation

Psycho-cybernates Technique of Relaxation

I. First of all, sit in a quiet place.

2. Breathe correctly and naturally.

3. Completely do away with any kind of ill-thoughts.

4. Imagine yourself to be relaxed.

5. Visualize yourself as the next relaxed person.

6. Experience being relaxed. Make-believe you are Make sure you really are relaxed.

7. make sure you really are relaxed

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Common Methods of Relaxation

1. Take a leisurely stroll in the evening.

2. Do a, five-minute exercise after returning from work.

3. Have a good shower after a strenuous day of work.

Psycho-cybernates Technique of Relaxation

4. divert your mind with a magazine/glossy/joke book.

5. Flay soft music.

6, Relax with a hobby at the end of the day.

7. Call up your best friend.

8. Relax with a drink.

9. Just sit in a chair and think nothing.

10. A game of cards/a game of ludo with family.

11. Relax with prayer.

(“A family that prays together, stays together” Motivate peace.)

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