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Quick Fixes Hair And Hair Ideas

1- If your hair is short, try slicking it back into a sleek crop or just use pretty pins to decorate it.

2- If your hair is dirty, pin it up. Day-old Hair is always easier to put up and will stay in place better than freshly washed hair. Turn unclean hair to your advantage by making a finger-combed ponytail on the crown of your head (avoid too much brushing as this increases the oiliness) and tie it with an elastic. Twist a length of flair around the elastic, fixing it with bobby pins as you go. Let locks of different lengths twist out if they want to: the more effortless the look. the higher the glam factor.

3- If your hair is curly, revitalize it by spritzing with water and gently scrunching. If it has become frizzy, work a little styling lotion through each tendril, tackling it section by section.

4- If your hair is flat, try a little back-combing to give it lift. Start at the crown and work your way around to the sides. You don’t need to backcomb all over, just enough to give a little lift.

5- Do not try to slick back dirty hair with copious amounts of wet-look get. Although it looks good in magazines, in realty no one is fooled.

6- Never underestimate how long it takes to wash and dry your hair. Forfeit a shampoo for a bit of inventive yet speedy styling.

7- If you are not confident with bobby pins and combs (quick-fix 1), it is better to shower and leave with fresh, clean-smelling but perhaps damp hair than to get frustrated In front of a mirror.

8- Keep an emergency hair kit in the car or office that includes: a brush, a cordless straightener or curling iron, the nearly finished bottles of mousse and styling lotion from home, and a few pins and elastics that can save the day.

9- When you get given another hairdryer for Christmas, take one to the office. It is amazing how many times you get caught in the rain.

10- If your hair is really greasy and you have no time to wash It, apply some dry shampoo or talcum powder Close to the roots. Massage it in gently to absorb the excess oil and then brush it out. Or, use a cotton pad to dab a little witch hazel onto the roots to absorb any grease.

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