Recipes For Pregnant Women In First Trimester

Those are Lucky women who become pregnant. Mostly women do not know about the care and diet during pregnancy. Especially in first trimester women ignore diet so in start they gain weakness, which remain all duration in pregnancy. The main cause of this weakness is the changing hormones of pregnancy because women feel nausea, vomiting in first trimester usually. Recipes For Pregnant Women In First Trimester 3

The pregnant women leave eating during first trimester because changing hormone disturbance so the baby fall in lack of food, women suffer in following symptoms:

Women also fall in anemia,

Deficiency of calcium,

Deficiency of iron.

Low Blood

Nervous breakdown,


Restlessness etc. Recipes For Pregnant Women In First Trimester 1

We try to tell recipes for  pregnant women in first trimester and also tell the pregnant women the treatment and care in first trimester.

  1. During the first trimester it is necessary that pregnant women must use the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates must be dry. The major sources of carbohydrates are:

Black mallet flour,

Whole-wheat flour,

So use upper flour in bread.

  1. In first trimester there may be major deficiency of Iron. Major source of Iron are:






So must use upper fruits then pregnant women be safe to deficiency of iron. Recipes For Pregnant Women In First Trimester 5

3. Others Food:

Some other foods are given below which are useful  recipes for pregnant women in first trimester:

Cabbage rice, milk, Potatoes. Mutton. Chicken, cucumber rice,( cucumber, carrots and coriander give fiber and vitamin A) Fig and Apricot Shake(This shake is finest had early in the morning for breakfast as your body protect more nutrients at whole time of the day), Recipes For Pregnant Women In First Trimester 6

These are having largest source of protein and calcium whereas the other ingredient supplement this recipe with iron, Folic Acid.