Recipes For Pregnant Women With Nausea

When a women gets pregnancy there are changes in hormones therefore many symptoms occur in a women. The major symptom, which is almost common in all pregnant women, is NAUSEA. Sometime it’s called morning sickness also. Nausea creates in 80 % in pregnant women. Recipes For Pregnant Women With Nausea 1

According to mostly Doctors queasiness ( Nausea) fall down in second trimester.It is remain to end. But it is observed that in some women it diminished in after four month. So an anti nausea diet can help you to keep you healthy.  An anti nausea diet can help and make you easy and your burning stomach. Unexpectedly, food will help to defeat and reduce nausea.  Recipes For Pregnant Women With Nausea 3

It is occur because of  the changes of Hormones. Due to nausea during pregnancy there is Low blood sugar  and low blood pressure symptoms creates. So you can maintain this You can do this by eating small, regular meals on nutritious food and drink to retain blood sugar levels.

Usually observed those women  which use diet containing Vitamin B group regularly.  Vitamins B2,B6 and B12 are very good for treating nausea and stopping the order simultaneously. These Vitamins are availables in rich foods and bread, rice, cereals, legumes, nuts, yeast, Vegemite and Marmite, eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, green leafy vegetables, milk and yoghurt. Recipes For Pregnant Women With Nausea 2

Tips to prevail over nausea include:

• Keep away from fried, full of fat, highly spiced or sugary foods—in this instance ‘highly spiced’ means chilli or vivid  heat-inducing spices, spices such as cumin, fennel, ginger, coriander and Turmeric is precious when it comes to production with nausea and digestive problems. • Always Eat small, regular meals.

• increasing complex carbohydrates and combining with high-protein foods, i.e. Spaghetti bolognaise, Vegemite/Marmite on toast or toast spread with hummus, chicken noodle soup.

• having a high protein/carbohydrate snack just before sleeping, e.g. glass of milk and a cookie • eating a dry cracker or cookie upon waking and before rising—don’t rush out of bed.

• drinking lots of fluid, especially fresh fruit and vegetable juices and water, fresh juices are a great way of ensuring vitamin and mineral intake if solids are proving a problem.

• Eating and drinking separately.

.Try not to drink with meals or solid food.

Foods Which reduce Nausea: 

1.  Starchy Carbohydrates :

Source of obtaining starchy carbohydrates are Plain boiled rice , Potatoes, and bread.

2. Cinnamon

Reduces Diarrhoea, Nausea and loss of appetite. Mix into warm milk before sleeping.

3. Ginger

Fresh ginger root is more effective than the ground spice. Use in fresh fruit and vegetable juices, teas, stir fries.

4. Lemon and lime

Their quick flavors can stimulate a mild and fruits  changing. Palate. Try a good grip of fresh lemon or   lime juice  a glass of carbonated water.

5. Sour

Green apples, grapefruit and green grapes. Many women claim sour-tasting fruits relieve Nausea and vomiting.

6. Carrots, oranges and Fresh juice easy absorp in  the body. Raspberries Drink carrot and fresh ginger juice daily for save  Nausea  Recipes For Pregnant Women With Nausea 5

Treatment of Nausea for pregnant women 

In Alopathy  : 

Tab Navidoxen, Tab Stemetill.

In Homeopathiy:

Nux Vomica. Asraum. Sepia , Kreosotum, Tabacum are the curable remdies.