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Seven Steps To Longer Hair

Seven Steps to Longer Hair: As you can see my avi I have the points, but I can do much better than that, ill just upload a picture soon, but basically, after you get out of the shower .

1) Dry your hair half way then use Biosilk to remove any extra clutter, then continue to dry until you have zero moisture.

2) Straighten each section of your hair

3) Get the spray forming and run your fingers on the back and threw up during spraying to give you “prespikes”

4) Then, before the hold begins to settle, get the gel doping and shape of your points outward to the first side, but be sure to work quickly threw small sections and try not to catch too much hair gel too little, or some parts will be hard and not go at all.

5) After the sides are done, take the spray shape again and form peaks at the top, then apply the gel on the parts you want to hold on.

6) Get a hair dryer and make sure you have a good amount of separation between the dryer and your peak and then begin to dry around it.

7) Heres where the real magic is in the spray masterpiece. It not only gives your hair a shine that used to publish all icky and hard, but it also gives a really good decision, so you make a spray around all the roots. But by the end, giving a final Spay around with the spray in order to keep the placement of the points back.


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